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Get Healthy. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy.

Higginbotham Chiropractic Plus offers a host of services designed to help people of all ages and physical conditions get healthy, stay healthy and stay happy. Our approach is treatment, education and support as needed. Contact us for more information about how we can help you.

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Discover the many ways we can help you get healthy.

  • Dr. Higginbotham offers a unique treatment plan for each client.  His technique is a distance style of adjusting patients is unparalleled in this area.
  • At Higginbotham Chiropractic Plus, treatment is focused on total body care. We strive to locate the underlying vexation and formulate a solution that will hinder reoccurrence.
  • Higginbotham Chiropractic Plus is an established, well-respected clinic that has been in operation for more than fifteen years.
  • Higginbotham Chiropractic Plus offers a wide variety of services that encompasses mind, body, and nutritional health.
  • The staff at Higginbotham Chiropractic Plus is knowledgeable and strives to educate each client on how to take control of their own well-being.

Join our Stretch Right classes where we're re-defining movement. Sign-up for one of five classes held weekly in the mornings and afternoons.

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